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I created this zine to help explain to visitors how three different but interconnected groups: KNOW/HOW books + print, The Luminary, and Black Coffee. share space at
2701 Cherokee Street. I interviewed the three women who run these organizations, and their words and ideas inspired the zine. I combined images, text, and simple illustrations to help readers make sense of the three groups and how they relate to each other as well as the community. The end product was a zine that I printed and staple bound using KNOW/HOW's Xerox machine.

2701 Cherokee - spreads_edited.jpg
2701 Cherokee - spreads2_edited.jpg
2701 Cherokee - spreads3_edited.jpg
2701 Cherokee - spreads4_edited.jpg
2701 Cherokee - spreads5_edited.jpg
2701 Cherokee - spreads6_edited.jpg
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